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Welcome To Sales Training at Sales Strategy Workshop

Hello, I’m Michael Carter, the producer and host of Sales Strategy Workshop. I’ve spent more than 25 years in sales, sales management, sales training, and consulting. Helping others to achieve and develop isn’t my job, it’s my passion. Quite simply, I want to share my expertise with all who care to listen and learn.

I started Sales Strategy Workshop to provide free access to sales training that lot’s of salespeople don’t get. Sales can be an extremely rewarding profession. To reap those rewards, you have to gain sales skills and develop solid sales strategies. That’s what we want to provide you with at Sales Strategy Workshop.

I have served as Vice President of Sales for several corporations. I’ve been involved in developing sales training programs for salespeople, sales managers, and sales organizations for a many years. To day I work as a consultant and management coach, helping small and medium size businesses reach their sales potential.

Sales Training in A Podcast

As a professional trainer, I know that not every one has access to a sales training program. As a way of giving back I produce this podcast and make it available to anyone that’s looking to improve their sales skills.

With each podcast, you have a source for sales training information you can put to use now. I’ll cover a topic and ask you to take the information and make it your own. The reason we call it a workshop is because I ask you to complete exercises for each topic. Some people will use it to help them achieve better sales results. Some will not.

Check Out Sales Management Workshop

In December of 2011, I started a podcast called “Sales Management Workshop.” Today, each episode of Sales Management Workshop Podcast is downloaded hundreds of times a week. We have listeners all around the world. The podcast was developed to help sales managers. You can follow this link to Sales Management Workshop website. The podcast in also on iTunes, the Zune Market Place, the Blackberry Podcast Catalog, and on Stitcher Radio.

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Enjoy, listen to the sales training, and I hope it helps you achieve the results you are looking for.

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