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Your sales process is key to your sales success.  Successful salespeople don’t just wing it, they start with a sales process and it begins with prospecting.  Prospecting is the first step in your saless process and your sales success.  Do it well and selling gets easy.  Do it poorly, and you could go broke.  In this podcast we provide you with an overview of the first part of your sales process.  Prospecting, to help you achieve consistent repeatable results.

Why a Sales Process?

Because you need a map to follow.  A road map that bring your prospects to a buying decision.  That map is in the form of your sales process.  To get you started we divide the sales process into four sections:

  • Section One – Prospecting
  • Section Two – pre-presentation sales activities
  • Sales process section one prospectingSection Three – presentation sales activities
  • Section Four – post presentation sales activities

This podcast looks at the first section of the sales process.  Prospecting.  The goal is to help you get in front of the right prospects.  In this sample prospecting sales process we use four (4) stages:

  1. Target Identification.
  2. Lead Development.
  3. Prospecting Methodology.
  4. Process Execution.

As a consultant I work with companies in the development of their sales process and this is an area in which we spend a lot of time.  If you don’t have the right targets, your presentation and closing skills are of very little value.

In the following podcast we will examine the other three sections of the sales process.  I hope you find the information helpful, and I welcome your comments and questions.


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